Area Capture Mode

Control Points

Control Points are spread throughout the map. The points can be captured by simply moving units into the circle.
It’s very similar to how Dawn of War or Battlefield control points works, probably more similar to Battlefield.
You and your opponent(s) start with a maximum score (by default right now it is 2750).
For each Control Point that your opponent controls, you will lose that many points from your score every second. There are 7 points on each map that can be captured.
This causes you to need to move out as quickly as possible, and you will find that you constantly are fighting over control points.
When a player reaches a score of 0, that player’s units will explode. This makes for some very intense and exciting games.

Because of this, capturing and holding control points is more important than directly attacking your enemy’s base.
It doesn’t help to nearly destroy your enemy if you lose because he was holding all of the capture points.

Additionally, there are 3 Control Victory modes :

  • Countdown
  • Tug of War
  • Domination

Countdown is the game mode previously described. Both player’s score counts down until someone hits 0.

Tug of war causes the points to be transferred from one player to another but with a small catch…
Point values are doubled, meaning that if you own 7 points, you will receive 14 score points from your opponent every second.

Domination requires that you own all of the Control Points for 30 seconds. If you accomplish this then you score 1000 points, at which point all of the Control Points capture status is reset (in other words all points go neutral after a score). First player to 3500 points wins !

All of the parameters are highly configurable from the lobby, and you can change nearly everything about the gameplay with these configuration options.

Use !bsettings all to see all the MOD settings available.
More information here later.