Tips & Tricks

Under this heading you will find all kinds of useful tips and tricks about autohosts.

Popular & useful commands for players


Prepare the game

!bPreset <battlePreset>
Changes current battle preset (use “!list bPresets” to list available battle presets).

!bSet <battleSetting> <newValue>
Changes a battle setting manually (use “!list bSettings” to list available settings).

!cheat [0|1|<cheatCommand>]
Enable/disable cheat mode, or execute a cheat command.

!force <username> id|team|spec [number]
Forces a player to spec, or sets his id to <number> or ally team to <number> (for local AI bots, <username> can be prefixed with ‘%’).

Tries to fix colors automatically.

!help [<command>|[global|set|hSet|bSet|pSet] <settingName>]
Lists allowed commands, or prints detailed help for a specific command or setting.

!hPreset <hostingPreset>
Changes current hosting preset (use “!list hPresets” to list available hosting presets).

!hSet <hostingSetting> <newValue>
Changes a hosting setting manually (use “list hSettings” to list available hosting settings).

Lists all commands.

Explicit name : Number of teams
Description : Target number of teams
This is one of the three preset settings to determine the target battle structure (for battle auto-management in particular) :
– “nbTeams” setting (number of teams in the game),
– “teamSize” setting (number of ID by team),
– “nbPlayerById” setting (number of player by ID).
Format / allowed values are Non-null integer, default value depends on witch autohost you play :
2 is set for team games ([ACE]Been, [ACE]Censeur, [ACE]Delicat, [ACE]Embleur, [ACE]Fusion, [ACE]Metallic, [ACE]Ortie, [ACE]Perge, [ACE]Pirateur, [ACE]Pirine, [ACE]Sombri, [ACE]Ticot),
1 is set for human vs bots setting, set on Chicken game autohost ([ACE]Synchrone and [ACE]Synchronous),
16 is set for FFA games ([ACE]Sure).

!nextmap or !map
Changes map according to rotation mode specified by rotationManual setting.

!map <newMapName>
Changes map.

Gives a link to download the current map.

!preset <globalPreset>
Changes current global SPADS preset (use !list presets to list available presets).

Promotes current battle in #main, #fr, #french, #[ACE] channels.

Explicit name : Manual rotation mode
Description : When using !nextMap or !nextPreset commands, it rotates map or preset.
The rotationManual preset setting specifies which rotation mode is used in this case.
Format / allowed values :
random : maps or presets are chosen randomly,
order : maps or presets are rotated in order,
Default value : random

Explicit name : End-game rotation mode
Description : When a game ends, it can automatically rotate map or preset.
The rotationendgame preset setting specifies if end-game rotation is enabled, and what mode is enabled.
Format / allowed values :
off : End-game automatic rotation is disabled,
random : End-game automatic rotation is enabled (maps or presets are chosen randomly),
order : End-game automatic rotation is enabled (maps or presets are rotated in order),
Default value : off

!set <spadsSetting> <newValue>
Changes a setting manually (use !list settings to list available settings).

Force all unready and AFK/idle players to spec.

Launches the game if everyone is ready and teams are even.

Explicit name : Team size
Description : Target size of each team (number of ID by team).
This is one of the three preset settings used to determine the target battle structure (for battle auto-management in particular) :
nbTeams setting (number of teams in the game)
teamSize setting (number of ID by team)
nbPlayerById setting (number of player by ID)
Format / allowed values : Non-null integer, default value : Depends on witch autohost you play.
On [ACE]Pirine for instance, default value is 8 between a range of 1~12.

Unlocks temporarily an autolocked battle to allow you to join as spectator.



Map boxes management

!addBox <left> <top> <right> <bottom> [<teamNumber>]
Adds a new start box (0,0 is top left corner and 200,200 is bottom right corner).

!clearBox [<teamNumber>|extra]
Removes the box for team <teamNumber> or all extra teams (removes all boxes if <teamNumber> and “extra” not specified).

!loadBoxes [<mapName> [<nbTeams> [<nbExtraBox>]]]
Loads start boxes for given map, number of teams and number of extra boxes (use current values if not provided).

Saves map boxes for current map.

!split h|v|c1|c2|c|s <percent>
Splits map for starting positions.
Examples :
!split h 25 splits map horizontally,
!split v 25 splits map vertically,
!split c1 25 splits map on top left and bottom right corners,
!split c2 25 splits map on top right and bottom left corners,
!split c 25 splits map on 4 corners,
!split s 25 splits map on 4 sides.



Game balance

Explicit name : Auto-balance mode
Description : Specifies if and when teams must be automatically balanced.
When autoBalance is set to on, teams are automatically balanced as soon as all following conditions are fulfilled :
– There are at least minPlayers setting players in the battle lobby,
– The target number of players1 is reached,
– Teams can be made even2,
The advanced auto-balance mode works in the same way, except that it doesn’t check if the target number of players is reached. It auto-balances as soon as all other conditions are fulfilled.
1 The target number of players is computed from nbTeams setting, teamSize setting, and nbPlayerById setting (target number of players = nbTeams * teamSize * nbPlayerById),
2 i.e. current number of players in battle lobby is a multiple of nbTeams setting.
Format / allowed values :
off : auto-balance disabled,
on : auto-balance enabled,
advanced : auto-balance enabled even if target number of players isn’t reached.
Default value : advanced

Balances teams according to current balancemode.

Changes balancemode to clans.
If !autobalance was previously set to on or advanced, it rebalances to update changes.

Changes balancemode to skill.
If !autobalance was previously set to on or advanced, it rebalances to update changes.

Rebalances teams (try to change them if they were already balanced).



During the game

!bKick <username>
Kicks <username> from battle lobby.

!boss [<username>]
Enables boss mode for <username> (reduces rights of other non-privilegied users),
Disable boss mode if <username> isn’t specified.

!callVote <command>
Calls a vote to execute command <command> (alias: !cv)
This command is most of the time, only useful for [ACE]Associates.
It could happen that you need to ask a vote for a command that don’t need to be voted (Boxes, start,…).

!cKick <username>
Kicks <username> from channel.

!endVote / !ev
Cancels current vote.

Launches the game even if teams are uneven (but everyone still has to be ready), or forces game start if it is already launched.

!gKick <username>
Kicks <username> from game.

!joinAs spec|<inGamePlayer>|#<inGameId> [<joiningPlayer>]
Allows a user to join the game in progress as spectator or player.

!kick <username>
Kicks <username> from channel, battle or game, depending on the way the command is sent to AutoHost.

!kickBan <username>
Kicks and bans <username> temporarily from channel, battle and game.

Forces current running game to stop.



After the game

Prints statistics for the last played game.



Various commands / Uncategorizable

Prints global hosting statistics.

!list users|presets|bPresets|hPresets|settings|bSettings|hSettings|aliases|bans|maps|
rotationMaps|pref|plugins|pSettings [all|map|mod|engine|<filters>]

Lists various settings.

!lock / !unlock
Locks battle lobby / Unlocks current battle (only if it has been locked manually with !lock command)

Changes preset according to rotation mode specified by “rotationManual” setting.

Sets/unsets an end-game notification : the AutoHost will notify you when the current game ends.

!plugin <pluginName> load|unload|reload|reloadConf [keepSettings]|set <param> [<value>]
Performs various operations on a plugin.

!pSet <preferenceSetting> [<newValue>]
Updates a preference (use “!list pref” to list your current preferences).

!ring [<username>]
Rings all unready players, or ring <username> if <username> is specified.

!searchUser <userFilter>|@<ipFilter>
Shows main information concerning all known accounts matching <userFilter> or <ipFilter>.

!smurfs [<username>|#<accountId> [all]]
Finds smurf accounts of players in battle, or those of <name> if specified (requires user data retention).

!status [battle|game]
Prints battle or game status (players teams, IDs, status…).

!unban <usernameOrFilters>|(<banEntryHash>)
Removes <usernameOrFilters> or <banEntryHash> from banlist (refer to ban command for filters syntax).

!unbanIp <username>|#<accountId>
Removes bans matching current account IP from banlist (same as doing “!unban ip=<userIp>”).

!unbanIps <username>|#<accountId>
Removes bans matching all known account IPs from banlist (same as doing “!unban ip=<userIp>” for all IPs).

!vote yes|y|no|n|blank|b
Choose your vote !

!whois <username>|#<accountId>|@<ipAddress>
Prints detailed account information.