Special settings

[ACE]Hosts got a lot of amazing presets, some different ways to play games.
Check them out to have even more funny games.

Prepare the Battle preset team / FFA game


!bpresets (b stands for battle) Lists available battle presets on the current host you’re playing.
Battle presets available for the current hosts are placed into [brackets]. [*] Means that it is the current active battle preset. Have a look of the following :

Default battle preset
/ Normal-FFA* : Normal game, no special setting. It is restored 30s after the autohost is empty.
*Only on [ACE]Sure that hosts FFA games.

And the others


!bpreset Normal

!bpreset Normal-FFA*
*Only on [ACE]Sure.

No special setting activated.

Default preset, restored after 30s if no player in-game lobby.

!bpreset NoAir

No air unit in game

!bpreset NoDef

Static defense like active tower (LLT, beamers, HLT, AA…), missiles or mines are disabled.)
NoDef preset is interesting for working on unit micro-management, for avoiding PORCing games.

!bpreset NoKbot

No K-Bot unit in game.

!bpreset NoLOLCanon

For a game without Vulcan and Buzzsaw.

!bpreset NoRush35

!bpreset NoRush50

!bpreset NoRush75

NoRush presets is interesting in a way that it forces you to work on unit micro-management.
35 / 50 / 75 is the limit number of units you can build.This includes all sort of units : Lab, mex, solar, LLT, units, etc…

Limited unit count !
µ-manage your units !!

!bpreset NoT2

T1 war game, no T2 units and also by consequent no T3 units too.

!bpreset NoT3

No experimental Gantry,
No T3 units.

!bpreset NoTime8

!bpreset NoTime12

!bpreset NoTime17

At 8, 12 or 17 min Armageddon time (depends of what you have choosen), every immobile unit is destroyed and you fight to the death with what’s left !

NOTA : When Armageddon time occurs, every unit build tentative will be auto-destroyed once built.
You will have really have to finish the game with your units and your com if you still have it.

!bpreset NoVeh

No Vehicule unit in game.

For instance, use «!bPreset NoAir» for change current battle preset to NoAir preset. The game will run, without any air units.
You can also easier use the battle preset name directly as a command like the following : !NoAir or !noair for instance.
On 1v1 or team games, default preset is called Normal and on FFA games under [ACE]Sure autohost, default preset is called FFA-Normal.



Prepare number of teams on FFA Games hosted by [ACE]Sure

This section will define how many players per alliance you want for FFA games

!presets : Lists available team presets on the [ACE]Sure FFA game.
Team presets available are placed into [brackets], [*] means that it is the current active team preset. Have a look at the following :

Default Preset
!preset 1v1v1 or !1v1v1 (1 player per team – 16 teams / 16 players max) *** DEFAULT ***
For up to 16 players team alone game, true FFA game.

Here is the default preset. It is restored 30s after the autohost is empty.

And the others
!preset 2v2v2 or !2v2v2 (2 players per team – 8 teams / 16 players max)
For 2v2v2, 2v2v2v2, 2v2v2v2v2, 2v2v2v2v2v2, 2v2v2v2v2v2v2, 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 games.
Autohost balances automatically regards to number of active players.

!preset 3v3v3 or !3v3v3 (3 players per team – 5 teams / 15 players max)
For 3v3v3, 3v3v3v3, 3v3v3v3v3 games.
Autohost balances automatically regards to number of active players.

!preset 4v4v4 or !4v4v4 (4 players per team – 4 teams / 16 players max)
For 4v4v4, 4v4v4v4 games.
Autohost balances automatically regards to number of active players.


For instance, use «!Preset 2v2v2» or «!2v2v2» for switch current team preset to 2v2v2 preset.
The game will run with number of 2 players per team.