Our policy

The goal of this page is to show you what [ACE]Associates do regards to [ACE]Autohosts management.

We, [ACE]Associates will :

  • Do the best we can for players having fun on SpringRTS games,
  • Want them to stay right there,
  • Make everything for the games taking place in the most favorable conditions for players,
  • Observe evidence before undertaking some game-tasks management.


Offenses are looked upon by moderation with extreme seriousness. It will take very few of them to result in a kick, and only slightly more will result in a ban or long term ban. [ACE]Associates reserve the right to ban you with no warning in extreme cases ; However, in most cases we will be sure to first contact you.

If, despite all efforts made it turns out that we are made aware of wrongdoing or non-compliance of the chart below, sanctions will be imposed ranging from a simple warning to a layoff without notice.

Players are precious, consider them like you want others considers you.

Players, you should apply this charter

… other players, respect for all other users is mandatory and assumed regardless of playing level.
Do not be rude to players (unless they deserve it).
Playfulness and joking is ok, but being purposefully disrespectful or malicious is not.
No flaming or insulting of other users, respect for all other users is mandatory and assumed regardless of post time play.
Necessary will be made if players were to complain.


… are always encouraged, but repeated unconstructive comments about a player or [ACE]Associate project, especially constant unwarranted negative responses without any real merit, will be considered intentional harassment and not be tolerated.


User will kicked by the autohost and strong spam will result as a temporary ban.


… moderator actions or rules and policies are allowed provided they are not done with excessive rudeness. We want to know how we can improve the way we moderate or things that we have missed, and we don’t want to be flamed any more than anyone else.
Threats toward the [ACE]Associate staff are taken seriously and will result in an immediate ban. Attempting to coerce [ACE]Associate moderators to use their power unjustly is considered a serious offense (It’s up to the moderators to decide what is just).
Private disputes and disagreements should remain between those they concern directly. Public disruptions regarding private matters can be considered intentional and warrant discipline. This includes discussing and contesting moderators’ actions regarding you.
If you feel you have been treated unfairly, ask the moderator to pass your case to another or directly present your case to one of the active higher moderators.


… content. The game should be appropriate enough that community members 13 and older are not offended by our content and appropriate enough that they are safe for people viewing in workplace environments. This includes posting of sexually explicit material, excessive or crude usage of foul language, posting gore or shock humor images or websites of any type, or intimate discussions of a sexual or violent nature. Exceptions will be made only for creative writers who PROPERLY PRECEDE their works with appropriate warnings of content.


… or [ACE]Associates autohosts rules will not be allowed. Disagreeing with the actions or opinions of a moderator in a moderation case is fine, but any sign of disrespect will be looked upon with grave seriousness. Ultimately we are here to keep order and keep community content appropriate, impeding these goals is unacceptable.


… is unacceptable and will result in an immediate long term ban in most cases. This includes creating a new account to avoid a temp ban.


Offenses committed in retaliation will not be seen any less serious than offenses committed without reason. Our [ACE]Associates moderators are not omnipresent and will miss some things, such times, or in cases of harassment the only way we can regard your case effectively is if you report it to us first and don’t take matters into your own hands.
To make a report collect any game’s lobby text you see as good examples of your case as evidence and the link of the replay if necessary, contact us on this page Contact [ACE]Associates.


… will be not supported here.


[ACE]Associates You will want to consider well the policy above, and also

Basically treating all players equally and not being biased towards friends or people they don’t like
No [ACE]Associates admins can use their position to take revenge on another player, admin or for forcing any personal setting without vote.

* MAPs : The cancellation of a !Map / !Nextmap or !Map <mapname> vote call.
Useless to remind that SpringRTS is a RTS game, note a baby vote system to play with.
It can be useful in some cases to cancel a running map vote, for example if it is constantly changing and it is the 3rd map vote where each time it is a different player who calls it or if it’s the same person that consistently forces the same map each time previous vote result were globally !n or map changed.
We need to understand that some players must have a minimum of empathy and should at minimum from time to time play other maps.

* SPAM votes : Nearly same as above regards MAP MANAGEMENT, players that will prevent starting a game with such actions will be desserve a kickban.

* UNREADY Players / Game start : It can be helpful to spec players to avoid waiting too much starting a game.
Understand that after a game, players may need few minutes for various things to do, be it that going to drink for example, or anything else.
As a show of good-will, please !Ring unready players 1 or 2 times, wait a little time before undertaking the !Spec command without a vote.
It reflects a modicum of common sense.

It’s up to you to take the best action for others cases. Use your feeling !

Sometimes there are some situations where some players must be kicked out of a current game in order not to put in harm’s way.
It will require a good sense of observation and you undertake adequate sanction against that player.
For example, a beginner ban would be very awkward, but suggest instead to watch the games is much better.
However, premature Self-D or players who destroy their teams long before the game is finished will deserve a ban.